Our UK based Law office is promoting 3 Prestigious domain names that can play an important part, in expanding current business and growth in new markets for various E- Commerce groups which can lead to dominant market positions especially in the field of General Price comparison for products/ services and Singles Day shopping ventures.

Our research leads us to confirm that domain end name extensions and the fact that dot COM’S from a memorable branding perspective are becoming a lot rarer and difficult to brand as an EXACT BRAND NAME.

E-Commerce groups will find it hard to get the ideal .COM which places alternative domains in an ideal place for the future. Our research led us to develop the clever use of familiar link words which is very brand led and hyper specific. Essentially names like this can be “future proofed” to protect and promote the brand.

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We own the following DOMAIN NAMES which have tremendous potential for use as hyper focused online marketplaces:




  • They are the direct core words and the most used phrases during everyday discussions in the English language. We consider the domain names to be innocent and non-threatening sounding and have certainty in what they promote. Consumers prefer familiarity and trustworthy words. The domain brand names can be ideal for growth in new markets, especially for long term growth where there is a stable platform.
  • Whilst many global online shopping platforms use strange sounding domain names it must be remembered that in many countries, there is an expectation for English words to sound objective and straightforward to consumers where English is not their first language. There is an appreciation that such words are of the correct syntax and diction hence why the domain names we own are valuable as they meet these important criteria.
  • The names are “Future Proofed” due to the change in market trends and what will be a gradual shift away from .COM extensions due to lack of availability and the need for hyper specific brand names.
  • The .COM extension has been substituted now for .COMPARE and .SHOP– This is ideal for branding and marketing purposes.
  • There is no equivalent domain name like these anywhere in the world.
  • There is no equivalent domain name and corresponding e- commerce company in the West, in countries such as USA, Canada, Europe and the UK. It would make an excellent investment for a company to set up and get involved with a new e- commerce trading platform before anyone else
  • Very easy to remember. Its actual phraseology structure is incredibly common when people are talking to each other such as “ You should PRICE COMPARE those products to get the best deal” (www.PRICE.COMPARE) or “ Why don’t YOU COMPARE the price online now?” (www.YOU.COMPARE)
  • Even the www.1111.Shop can be spoken off as the “Double 11 Shop” or the “11.11 Shop” – Immediately it has a strong brand that is identified as the Singles day shopping event.
  • They can be used in multi-platform / faceted e- commerce shopping experiences as the actual domain names represent a completely focused solution for all their needs
  • The actual names themselves have the benefit of ranking highly on search engines due to their unique and direct structure. They have the added benefit of being easily promoted via Social media platforms
  • The domain names are popular search terms on the internet. Wal-Mart purchased the domain in 2017 for $9 Million USD as the actual name was a simple and popular search term.

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